So What?

the question worship should leave us with

Worship can mean different things to different people and can be expressed in a variety of different ways. Even within our one church at Central there are several different styles and ways of worshipping that we enjoy.

However, whatever our preferences of style and content, we all agree worship should leave us asking, So What?

How has what we have discovered in worship today challenged and changed us, and what difference has it made to how we live in the world to be more like the people God wants us to be?

Pic 'n' Mix

On Sunday the 19th November 2023 or worship challenged us to think about what was most important in worship. Not what our preferences were, but what really mattered. Using the Pic ‘n’ Mix format we split into four different groups each exploring the question in a different way.

A time of silent reflection – what is God saying to us?

Discussion Group –  What do you think God is saying to us at this time?

Creative Writing – What would God say of our worship … Amos Style?!

Arts and Crafts – create a Ditty Box of treasured aspects of worship

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