Missional Partnership

Manchester & Salford Urban Mission

Chorlton Central Church is a member of Manchester & Salford Urban Mission

a Missional Partnership of the North Western Synod of The United Reformed Church

Our Shared Mission

Synod Principles

Our priority is God's Mission

We Believe
– Our Mission is to our local communities

This means
– Love and Solidarity for all our neighbours
– Loving actions – not just words
– Challenging the causes of poverty and exclusion, not just alleviating the symptoms
– Partnering with others outside our churches to achieve our shared goals

We Understand
– Speaking out against injustice, may require being controversial and willing to be criticised, and sometimes this will be hard.
– This requires a willingness to be vulnerable, speaking truth to power

The strong should help the weak

We Believe
– Everyone deserves respect and dignity
– ALL are strong in some things and weak in others, and so although the language of Strong and Weak is easy to understand, it is not always helpful.
– Through our working together we will come to recognise everyones gifts and blind-spots, including our own.

This means
– We believe everyone should have opportunity to be involved in decisions which effect them, bringing real experiences to the conversation.
– Relationships should always be two way.

We Understand
– Mission is ALWAYS With, never for, or too!
– This requires a willingness to be vulnerable, and give away some of our power

We belong to each other, under God

We Believe
– We are neither independent nor dependant, we are all interdependent

This means
– Becoming more interconnected between our churches, with other partners in the community, and especially with those on the margins
– Learning from others and learning from ‘apparent’ failures

We Understand
– This requires a willingness to be vulnerable ourselves, trusting others with power

Our Partnership Churches

St Paul’s and St John’s – Abbey Hey

Inspire – Levenshulme

Roby – Longsight

Trinity – Moss Side

St Peter’s – Manchester

Wilbraham St Ninian’s – Chorlton

The Dandelion Community – Wythenshawe

MediaCityUK Church – Salford

Luther King Centre – Rusholme

Our Ministry Team

The member congregations are served by a team of Ministers, a Church-Related Community Worker and a Youth and Families Development Worker.

Liz Kam

Liz Kam

Church Related Community Worker

Liz is a Church Related Community Worker based at our Inspire Church in Levenshulme.

Her work includes builing interfaith relations, and helping churches across the partnership assess and improve their community impact.

Kate Gray

Kate Gray


Kate is a Minister at The Dandelion Community – Wythenshaw, with over 19 years in Urban Ministry.

She currently works one day a week for the local church whilst studying for her PHD in UK poverty issues.

Ruth Watson

Ruth Watson

Special Category Minister

Ruth is a Pioneer Minister at the MediaCityUK Church, which is based in the Oasis Academy School in Salford.

Her passion and ministry is working with children and young people.

Jo West

Jo West

Youth and Families Worker

Jo is our Children and Families Inclusion Worker based at Inspire Church in Levenshulme.


Adam Scott

Adam Scott

Non-Stipendiary Minister

Adam is the Principle of Northern College based at the Luther King Centre for Theological Education in Rusholme, Manchester.

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh

Special Category Minister

Mike is a Pioneer Minister working in Chorlton. His remit is to engage people in their 20s to 40s in the many cafes, bars, and social spaces in Chorlton.

Urban Theology

Our churches are situated in the urban towns of Manchester and Salford, working in diverse communities of both affluence and need. Our theology is one of solidarity and transformation – working with others to …

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