an open and affirming church

We are a friendly and informal congregation, worshipping together in an urban area of Manchester, and seeking to show the love of God in the world through Christ.

  • We hope to be an open, inclusive and affirming congregation seeking to share the love of God through Christ
  • We are committed to searching out the meaning of faith, exploring and questioning what it means to be Christian in our multicultural society
  • We celebrate God’s gift of diversity and welcome people to share the journey of faith, whatever their age, race, culture, gender, sexuality, economic status or physical or mental ability
  • We acknowledge with pain the injustices in our society and in the church, and want to share with all those who struggle against abuse
  • We seek to be a community working together to grow in faith, understanding and our commitment to peace, justice, and freedom

Whoever you are,
  • whatever your story,
  • whatever your gender,
  • whatever your questions,
  • whatever your age,
  • whatever your baggage,
You're welcome here!

Currently we are spending time together discovering where systemic racism is to be found in our society – including our church. We know that racism in any form runs contrary to the gospel commandment to love our neighbours as ourselves, but we are aware that we have no easy answers as to where we direct our energies.

We have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement to educate ourselves about the structural racism and white privilege within society where all white people benefit. Trying to be an anti-racist church, we welcome new ideas and pathways to this end. We are aware that this is an ongoing journey for us, and will continue to have this as one of the main priorities of our congregation.

Please join us in our BLM evenings (details can be found in our newsletter), where we discuss these ideas and aim to challenge ourselves to find ways of being anti-racist, both as individuals and as a church community and to live out the fact that there is only one race – the human race.

If you would like us to help you to mark some significant event in your, or your friends or family’s life, please click the dove icon for further details.

Chorlton Central Church is proud to be registered as a venue for same-sex marriage.

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