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an open & inclusive Baptist & United Reformed Church
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The style of worship on a Sunday morning at Chorlton Central Church is relaxed and - we hope - welcoming. We are not committed to a specific Liturgy or Order of Service; those leading worship are encouraged to plan the service to suit the themes or ideas which they are exploring.

A typical service will include

  • congregational hymns

  • readings from the Bible

  • spoken prayers, and often the opportunity for silent prayer

  • An introduction to the theme for the service, which often involves any children present

  • an address or meditation led by the person leading the service; this can range from a (fairly) formal sermon to a conversational meditation in which the congregation participate

Children are welcomed at our services, but we know that small children are likely to find parts of adult worship uninteresting. There is space and equipment or them to play at the rear of the Worship Space, and some of our members will assist you.

We aim to make all our services and activities fully accessible
to everyone; if we don't meet your needs please let us know at the time (by speaking to one of the Deacons) or by phone or email; we will take your feedback seriously and try to improve.

For details of forthcoming services follow this link

The music we use in worship comes from many sources. We use traditional English language hymns from all denominations. But we also use modern words and music, including those from the ecumenical Taize Community in France, and the Iona Community in Scotland.

We have benefited from the work of a number of gifted writers who are of who have been have been members or ministers at Chorlton Central Church, and a number of their compositions - including some written specially for us - are included in our own compilation of worship material 'Life Together
'. The other hymnbooks in use are 'Rejoice and Sing' (United Reformed Church); 'Baptist Praise and Worship' (Baptist Union) and 'Common Ground' (an ecumenical publication).

words and music

Words and music from the Taize Community emphasize the importance of prayer and meditiation in the Christian life

Those from the
Iona Community express the Christian faith in contemporary language, often using Scots and English folk tunes. They also include hyms and songs from other Christian Churches in a wide range of countries, both in the original language and in translation.

Once a month we join in our Communion Service (referred to in other Christian traditions - with variations in both theology and content - as Mass, Eucharist or the Lord's Supper). In this service we remember Christ's last meal with his disciples before his arrest, trial and execution. Anyone attending the service is welcome to  participate in this service or not, as you choose. The invitation is from Christ, not from the Church.

bread and wine
image of candles

From time to time we hold services in the Taize tradition and 'Messy Church', a participatory form of worship suited to younger children and adults who don't mind paint on their fingers.

We know that traditional styles of worship are not for all and we are working to develop forms of worship which engage and attract the whole community without throwing away what is valuable from the historic traditions of the non-conformist denominations.

If you would like us to help you to mark some significant event in your, or your friends or family's life, please speak to one of the Deacons or contact us by phone or email

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