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The Language of the Bible

The books of the Bible were written in three languages - the Old Testament in
Hebrew and Aramaic and the New Testament in Greek. Jesus spoke Aramaic, and
may also have had some knowledge of Greek and/or Latin. He would also have
been able read the scrolls of the Torah in Hebrew.

The Bible on-line

There are a great many translations of the bible available on-line, of varying degrees of readibility (i.e. screen layout, general appearance) and intelligibility (which varies with the age and literary style of the translation). Many also come equipped with 'study notes' and 'study aids', often promoting a particular set of values and beliefs.

Here are two you may find helpful;

The Oremus Bible Browser
This contains three English language translations
The Authorized Version (the King James version of 1662)
The Revised Standard Version (a widely accepted 20th Century translation)
The Revised Standard Version in an Anglicised version, i.e. with Americanisms removed and replaced with UK English
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The Net Bible
A new translation designed specifically for the internet, including information on the sources of the translations, the way in which the translation was prepared and a truly enormous set of hypertext footnotes clarifying the meaning of the text and the probable intentions of the original authors. (This version does not require a log-in; the newer version does. It opens by default at Matthew's Gospel chapter 1)
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