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Same Sex Marriage

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The issue of same-sex marriage deeply divides the Christian Church. Recent legal changes in the UK have made it possible for Churches to conduct same sex marriage, but does not compel them to do so - the decision is left up to the appropriate authority of the Church concerned.

Some Churches have decided at national level not to permit same-sex marriages; this includes the Church of England and the Methodist Church.

Three Churches in the UK have decided to conduct same sex marriages - the Society of Friends (Quakers), the Unitarian Church, and the Scottish Episcopal Church (as a result of which they have
been excluded from ecumenical and leadership roles in the Anglican Communion).

Some Churches allow many decisions to be made at local level by individual congregations- this includes the Baptist Union and the United Reformed Church.

In 2016 the United Reformed Church decided that the conduct of same-sex marriages was a matter which could be decided by local congregations, and the Baptist Union also confirmed that the historic independence of its congregations included the freedom to make this decision at local level.

On 13th December 2016 the Church Meeting of Chorlton Central Church (Baptist and URC) voted unanimously to conduct Same-Sex Marriages.

In 2017 our application to the Registrar to conduct same-sex marriages was approved and we are therefore able to offer same-sex Christian marriages at the Church. Please note that the terms of the license are explicit and that - as a matter of law - we cannot offer non-religious marriage ceremonies

revised 13 Sept 2018
An Open and Inclusive Baptist & URC Church
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