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A simple guide to some problems encountered by users.

How do I find my way around the site ?

Menus at the left of each page show the titles of each page or section of the site - clicking on those items with small arrowhead will take you to sub-sections or pages within the section. But there are other ways of finding your way around ...

Clicking on underlined
text will take you to another part of the website relevant to the text

Explanations and references have a dotted underline

If the cursor changes to a hand over an image
clicking on it will take you to another page or to another website

At the top of every page (unless you are using a smartphone or small tablet) are four icons, which take you

 take you back to the home page
 open an email to send to us
 print the page you are on    
open this help page

Entering text in the search box at the top of each page will find you a list of pages which include the words you typed

And finally ...

Clicking on 'site map' in the menu at the bottom of the page (except when using a smartphone or small tablet) will show you a complete plan of the website

I can't print a page ...

The right-click context menu is disabled. To print the current page either

  • click on the print icon at the top of the page OR

  • use the menu in your browser (spanner icon in Google Chrome; printer icon in internet Explorer and Firefox.

Additional printing issues ...

The 'shrink to fit' option in Internet Explorer 8 may not work correctly; in this case select a print ratio of 85% (or less) manually from the pull down menu

In Google Chrome background colours to text may not print but the white text will usually print in gray

I can't see images on the home page and a few other pages ...

If you are using Internet Explorer 6 some images may not display - this appears to be due to a bug in the way IE6 handles image transparency. The only available workaround appears to be to upgrade to a later version of Internet Explorer, or (if your version of Windows isn't supported by later versions - for example Windows 2000) change to another browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. These are both available as free downloads.

I can't see any images at all ...

Check via Control Panel>Internet Options>Advanced
under 'Multimedia' that 'show pictures' is ticked

I can't find a page I know was here last time ...

We try to remove obsolete pages as soon as possible. If you are looking for details of an event or a date which has already passed it may well have been removed. However, if it was not something likely to get out of date

  • try entering a keyword in the search box at the top of the page - this only searches this site, so if it is still here you should find it quickly

  • look at the site map - click on the 'site map' link at the foot of the page

Anything else ...
To report a any other problems please click here

revised 2 Jan 2017

An Open and Inclusive Baptist & URC Church
in South Manchester, UK
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