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Browser Compatiblity

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This website uses the 'strict' implementation of XHTML and should therefore display correctly with all modern web browsers which interpret the standard correctly. It is been tested using Microsoft operating systems on various implementations of Chrome and Internet Explorer. It has not been tested on any Apple operating system or on any implementation of Linux, and no liability is accepted for shortcomings which may be evident using other browsers or operating systems. You may notice differences in appearance between different browsers; this is generally the result of differences between the browsers themselves, but if these make the site unusable in any browser please let us know.

This site uses Google Analytics. This collects data about visitors but this does not include personal data. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. However the external websites powering the Carbon Calculator, and the Carbon Emissions display (both on the Climate Change page) and the Calendar may use Cookies.

The site will generally display correctly if you have turned 'show pictures' off in Internet Options to reduce download times; menus do not use graphic images and therefore remain usable even when 'show pictures' is off.

However it is not practicable to test all the possible combinations of Internet Options.
If you find difficulty in using this site please email us, stating

  • the browser and version you use

  • the nature of the problem

  • any settings you have altered in Internet Options

  • if you are not using a conventional screen to view the wesbite, the type(s) of peripherals in use

We will attempt to diagnose the difficulty and reply to you, but this reply may not be immediate, and we do not guarantee to resolve the difficulty.

revised 12 May 2013

An Open and Inclusive Baptist & URC Church
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