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Bible Study Notes - Sexuality

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These notes have been prepared by the Revd Henry Mayor, an Anglican priest who is working to heal the wounds within the Anglican Communion caused by disputes over homosexuality.


Look again at the condemnation of the men of Sodom in Genesis 19, 1-11.

  • What sins are proposed, and by whom ?

  • How is it that in about 20 other places in the Bible where the sins of Sodom are condemned, gay sex is never mentioned ? (for example, Jeremiah 23.14; Ezekiel 16.49-50; Isaiah 1.10-17)

David and Jonathan

Look again at the Bible story which describes a very close relationship between these two men, in I Samuel 18 to 20
, and II Samuel 1. Read it not jsut with your brain but with your heart; feel the strong emotions they express for one another; hear the solemn vows they make to one another, vows such as we use in a church wedding. David and Jonathan weren't a gay couple as we understand it, but they do and say to each other what gay couples today would want to do and say.


Look at the Bible especially through the life of Jesus. None of the Bible passages condemning gay sex occurs in the Gospels. Look how Jesus treats those whom other religious people exclude

  • women (Luke 7.11-17)

  • foreigners (Luke 7.1-10 and Luke 10.12-15)

  • prostitutes (Luke 7.36-50)

  • eunuchs (Matthew 19.11-12)

Is there a pattern here which we should follow in our attitudes to gay and lesbian people ?

Notes copyright © Henry Mayor 2008

If you don't have ready access to a copy of the Bible, follow this link to view the passages referred to in the notes above.

Biblical passages

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