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A Prayer for Pride

Pray with us

Manchester 2014

Let us pray.
We come into God’s presence.

As water cascaded onto earth
As creatures crawled and ran and swam
As rocks and earth emerged to reach for the heavens
Your loving presence, God, knew no limits.

As humanity developed, evolving and learning
As knowledge grew and spread its seeds
As bones and sinew strengthened and seasoned
your loving presence knew no limits.

As love arrived in all its splendour
as need and warmth and trust found a home
As hope and succour took its place amongst us
Your loving presence knew no limits.

Our God of no boundaries
Our God of endless love
our eyes and hearts and minds know your presence
and realise how limitless love can be.

Loving and liberating God
we give you thanks that your love has no boundaries.

We pray for people who have taken the risk of loving one another
even when others shun and discriminate.

We pray for all who have taken the risk of being different, of colouring outside the lines
even when others try to box them in.

We pray for all who have lived true to the inner voice within
even when others have disputed their integrity.

We pray for all who proclaim their pride at who you created them to be
even when others declare them to be sinful.

God, you promise life in all its fullness.

We long for a day when people take to the streets, pouring out of homes everywhere in celebration.
We will march, banners flying, and we will dance in sheer exuberance and irresistible joy in your presence.
We will be a living vision of your justice and equity; all will be welcomed, all will be included, all will be safe.
We will be every size, colour, gender and type, each with the right of self-expression, each with the right to love and live and be free.
We will look around and see the beauty of your creation on every face and in every heart.
We will feel uncontainable wonder at the beauty that surrounds us and is within us.

May we make your living presence known on earth.
May we march, dance, sing and love to glorify your name.


replacement page 23 August 2014

An Open and Inclusive Baptist & URC Church
in South Manchester, UK
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